Customer Reviews

Donna, Newbury

I have used Natures Corner for a number of years and have always been delighted with the level of knowledge offered by the fantastic team – Thank you and keep up the good work.

Alison, Newbury

Quality advice and quality products. Many Thanks.

Emma, Thatcham

The knowledge of the staff in Natures Corner is fantastic.


I have visited Natures Corner over the past 2 years and have found Liz and her staff to be very useful and helpful in identifying what products to us. I have also found the products to be the highest quality. Many thanks,

Mrs. B

Having known Liz for many years, I have no problem in asking advice for any ailments. A recent run of bad health has now been solved by her excellent knowledge and my health has improved greatly. Many Thanks.


Fantastic accurate advice. Ivy-thyme essence and Oregon Root caps have completely stopped my painful coughing and my lung infection has improved day by day. Thank you so much.


What a delightful shop. Thoughtful staff and knowledgeable managed – Well Done!


Dear Sirs,

I should like to nominate Natures’s Corner, at 9 Bartholomew Street, Newbury Berks, as the best independant Health Food Store, and to say how singularly impressed I have been by the excellent service I regularly receive.

In the past, I have so often been met with such mediocre and indifferent service from staff at larger multiple Health Stores, and I have ended up coming out with nothing or buying some entirely unsuitable costly product, that really did not fit my needs. So it was an absolute breath of fresh air to receive such enthusiastic and knowledgeable advice from the principal Liz Chandler, Partner and Staff, and certainly was not something I expected to find at this small independent store.

I really cannot say how grateful I am to Liz personally for her professional help and advice, the technical medical data, and the invaluable insight she has given me into sourcing out alternative food products and supplements; which has helped greatly to enable me to cope with my very limited diet and to make my life more bearable, due to my Allergy/Food Intolerance problems.

At the end of the day, the success and high standards of any organisation is only as good as the efficient vocational skills and general demeanour of staff and Principals, quality of products, and the pleasant ambience of the store. As such I felt that Nature’s Corner fills this criteria and warranted my praise and nomination.

Yours faithfully.


I am not a vain person, but I am a woman who likes to look nice. So when I developed a rash, I found it embarrassing as well as extremely uncomfortable.

I asked Liz to help and she was not only sympathetic but very informative as to what may have caused it and the possible remedies, not all of which meant purchasing something from her shop. However, Liz did supply some cream and supplements and in only a few short weeks the rash has completely cleared up and I am no longer embarrassed in my bikini!!!

She made it so easy and painless.

Thank you Liz.

Practitioner Reviews

Martin Lewis – Kinesiology.

Most helpful, fulfilling, magic healing I feel. Liz

Thanks Martin, Had been trying to conceive without success for years. Kinesiology balanced my body and I am now the proud mother of a healthy baby boy, wish I had discovered it earlier!

Orley Moyal – Free Nutritional Advisor

Orley recommended L-Theanine for stress and anxiety and I can truly say it works! What a difference it made to my life.

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